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  • Secret Marketing Tools – Gurus don’t want you to know about the tools that they are using on a daily basis to speed up their progress x10 time more than the average marketer. Discover how to speed-up your way to a profitable online business that is guaranteed to generate a steady stream of income for you each and every month… Guaranteed!
  • How To Setup Domain & Hosting – We take you by the hand from very first step to the last trick we have,¬†leaving no stones unturned. Getting the right domain and hosting is essential for your online success, so we’ll show you EXACTLY where to get your domain and hosting to make sure that you’re on the right track from day one.
  • WordPress Mastery – How to install WordPress, the number one platform for affiliate blogs and any other type of website that makes money. We’ll show you how to install WordPress, how to tweak it, which plugins you must have in order to rank high in search engines, how to write powerful blog posts that are guaranteed to drive visitors to your website, how to add images, how to post tags, how to add videos, how to edit your pages, and a whole bunch of other stuff that you must know in order to get make your WordPress search engine friendly and traffic optimized.
  • List Building The Easy Way – Building a list of leads that are interested in your products and services is an asset! If you have a list of subscribers that you can contact at any given time and promote your products, you’ll be on the right track. Without your own list, your online business can be shut down just like that, and you’ll have to start all over again, you probably know how frustrating that can be. We’ll show you where to host your first list, which service is the best out there today, and how to create your first list quickly.
  • Product Creation Workshop – How to use PLR to¬†get your new product off to a fast start. Internet marketing is all about speeding up your progress, getting you into profit as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what we want to teach you in ” The Profit University” system. We’ll show you how to get a product created in merely hours, taking you from a newbie to this whole Internet marketing game into a product vendor in literally HOURS. This is fun & easy to do, so don’t freak out.
  • Sales Funnel Expert – When you’re done with this module you’ll be a sales funnel expert. We’ll show you how to create a squeeze page, how to write your sales copy, how to setup your payment buttons, how to create your thank you pages where your buyers can download their product, how to setup a ClickBank account, how to setup a JVZOO account for more profits, and a whole lot more.
  • Joint Venture & Affiliate Magnet – The easiest and fastest way to make a profit online without doing the heavy lifting is by having Joint Venture partners and affiliates promoting your products. If you don’t know this one essential skill, your online business will never go, and never go viral. Taking care of your affiliates, setting up content for them to use in their promotions, and motivating them to promote for you is crucial for your overall success. Inside you’ll discover how to get your affiliates and JV partners to work with you time and time again! After all, it’s a free traffic source so why not use it smartly?
  • Traffic Generation – Generating traffic to your website is a skill that you must have, doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate, a product owner, or the middle man. With the traffic techniques that we’ll teach you you’ll be able to send a flood of traffic to any website! Use the techniques that we teach you correctly and you can expect to make money online in no time. The secret to massive traffic is simplicity. We’re not into over complicating things, especially when it comes to our members, so you can expect to find simple, yet VERY powerful traffic generation techniques that work time and time again, in any online business.
  • Outsourcing – Time in money, we both know that. If you want to live the Internet lifestyle where you do whatever you feel like and still making money online on autopoilot, this is going to be a revelation. We’ll show you how to outsource most of your business for dirt cheap, enabling you to have more time with your friends and family, doing whatever it is that makes YOU HAPPY!